Saturday, July 2, 2016


I came here a short while ago but couldn't find the start of the track. I looked up an old map and compared to google maps. I found it and it was obscure.

First off, what a great hike!

It started with heaps of wildflowers and the sunrise peeking through the trees. The track was easy to follow but soon became difficult. Luckily, someone had left ribbons tied to trees to show the best way.

The track zigzagged down a cliff face which had a number of overhanging type caves.

At the base of the cliff, the soil was moist and ferns dominated amongst the trees.

Further on, the soil became saturated and the vegetation became thick, dense and lush and the ground was definitely a leech paradise. I found one later.

The first dam came suddenly into sight and a walk further along lead to the first dam wall. It was wide enough to walk across part of the way with care. It was a such a pretty place. I wandered around the dam wall and climbed down to its base.

I continued along the track and came to a pretty flat rock in the sun where the creek flowed across shallowly. I returned to this spot later for a rest and snack.

Further along the track, I came to the second dam wall. It was too steep and slippery to climb down and not far from the base was a drop off where I couldn't see the bottom. I wandered around but couldn't find a safe way down.

I climbed upwards to some nice rock overhangs and a huge flat rock area. From here, there were a number of other tracks which lead to dead ends.

The second dam itself was very pretty and tranquil.

I backtracked to leave.

A very adventurous 1.31km hike.

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