Saturday, July 2, 2016


Time for a mountain bike ride in Brisbane Water National Park. My aim was to ride to Rocky Ponds and then hike to Jeanie's Pool.

Just before the quarry, I stopped to get some photos of the birds I could hear squawking and chirping. That's when I discovered that my good video camera didn't have a memory card in it and my other video camera had a flat battery. Ah well, I still had my go pro to video... well not really as when I got home I found out that all the footage was of my feet and the ground. I didn't check the angle of the go-pro camera on my helmet. The woes of videoing.

I did get a couple of okay photos along the way.

Rocky Ponds is a long way when all the steep inclines are taken into consideration. There are a number of spots where I walk the bike as it is too steep and little traction.

At one stage, I took a wrong turn which lead to a great swimming hole.

I had to backtrack and eventually, I reached the track for Jeanie's Pool. I walked a fair distance along the track but it was too eroded, slippery with hard to get around pools of water so I decided to backtrack and do it again after drier weather.

I reached Rocky Ponds but again found myself restricted due to amount of running water and the slippery terrain.

It didn't turn out to be a great 19.21km ride but I learnt a few lessons and had some exercise. :)

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