Saturday, July 16, 2016


There are two main tracks in Berrys Hill Reserve that so far are not interconnected.

I parked at Berrys Hill Road and followed the track.

One service road lead a short distance to a water tank.

Another track (obscure) lead straight up the hill. I'll do this one on another day.

The third track traversed around the hill in a northerly direction.

The track was easy to follow and the landscape varied along the way - being very dry to sub tropical. there were a lot of birds at the beginning that were high in the foliage. Their songs followed me for a long part of the hike.

The track became more obscured on the eastern face of the hill with a number of other tracks (even more obscured) leading upwards to the rocky top of the hill.

I kept on the main track and turned upwards at an intersection of a number of tracks. From here, I scrambled and jumped over the boulders for some nice views of the greenery below.

I backtracked to the intersection and followed a few obscured tracks but they lead to dead ends.

On the way back, I took a few of the obscure tracks that lead up wards.

On one, I found a hermit type dwelling under a sandstone overhang.

On the others, I reached the top and scrambled over the large boulders. I rock scrambled until I could go no further due to the thickest of the vegetation. That was a bit disappointing as the highest part of the hill was ahead of me.

A diverse 1.84 km hike with rock scrambling and a feeling of being nearly lost.

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