Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Life has been about recovery and doing things one step at a time. On this note, I'll just update the last three weeks in a timeline.

1. managing the pain - done
2. dreaming of a good night's sleep - done
3. wondering if i'll ever be able to sit on a toilet seat again - done
4. trying to walk normally - done
5. able to sit - done
6. driving - done
7. swimming - done
8. short hikes - done

All thanks to my great physio and following the exercises.

Still, a long way to go. My adventures have toned down a lot but hey I'm out and about so life is good.

A few snippets while I was in early recovery...

A day or two after the hamstring disaster, I was feeling a little bit down but was cheered up by Ava the lorikeet. She sat there for ages guarding me and now and then turning her head in my direction to give me a tweet.

I woke early this morning and drove down to the Terrigal Haven for a walk on the rocks. I took a few photos - kayakers with a peeking of sunrise, shells on the rocks and crabs on the move. All was looking good. I was carefully walking with no problems then ... this is a story with an obvious and probably inevitable change of course... stepping on a black slippery patch of moss, then no traction, then no feet on the ground, then my ass planted firmly and painfully on the rock, then a full body wallop of pain. I sat there for awhile and waited for the pain to subside before starting any movement. Slowly, I rose and tenderly checked that I was okay. How good was that, I was okay, a little shocked but hey a boring walk turned into a fair story.

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