Sunday, January 24, 2016


Down to Wamberal Beach for a surf.

Cloudy morning with a solid swell and high tide. The shore break was difficult to paddle out through as it was breaking big and hard.

I got out through a lull in the sets and had a fun surf in solid waves.

When I was just about out of the water having finished my surf, I was caught by a large shore dumping wave as I was running up the sand. My leg gave way from underneath me and I collapsed in a lot of pain as the wave dumped on top of me washing me up the beach.

I couldn't stand so I was washed up and down the beach until a group of friends who were watching came down to rescue me. I was in extreme pain. Thanks guys!

They carried me up the beach and to the street while another friend called an ambulance.

The ambulance took me to Gosford Hospital where I seen by a doctor, had an x-ray, was given painkillers and eventually, a physiotherapist who gave me crutches. Thanks Gosford Hospital staff!

Well, now I'm back home in off and on pain but I'm able to walk in an awkward way.
More medical treatment to organize.

First major injury of 2016. I'll be out of action for awhile until I'm more mobile. So far, the injury looks like a torn tendon in the upper leg close to the buttocks. What a bummer! :)

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