Monday, December 7, 2015


Back to Patonga for a hike and kayak.

It was a cloudy morning but the sun was trying to break through the light cloud cover.

I parked at Dark Corner and wandered along the beach and around the rocks. It was a pleasant walk with sea gulls screeching away due to an approaching sea eagle and an inquisitive plover, who kept a sideways eye on me.

Stepping over the rocks, there were some that were close to the water's edge covered with mollusks and patterned sandstone on the dry sections.

There was another small beach which I strolled along and took in the scenery.

I backtracked and drove to the pier to launch my kayak.

I had some fun paddling around and under the pier, then paddled to the other side of the bay.

The sea swell though small was causing my kayak to flow up, down and around. Not the best kayak shape for the conditions. I paddled along the rocky shore until the swell and the backwash of the waves made for difficult conditions.

I paddled back towards the estuary and used the swell to gain a little extra speed. That was okay until I got closer to shore and a small wave threatened to tip the kayak.

Once onshore. I wandered along the beach. The sand was soft in places so that I sank as I walked. It was a nice view across the bay and up the estuary.

I paddled back to the pier and played around some more then back to the van.

I nice 1.46 km hike and 2.95 km kayak.

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