Friday, June 21, 2013


I’m in Canberra visiting old mate Mark.

Our first adventure was a kayak down the Murrumbidgee River.

The day started very, very cold with thick fog. We waited till about 9ish then set off in two cars – one for the start and the other for the finish.

The weather had cleared at the launch site and the river was looking calm and shallow. We slowly paddled down the river enjoying the tranquillity. We stopped a few times to walk around the shore. On one occasion, we stopped as we had seen  what looked like watermelons growing on the river sandbank. They looked like melons, when opened they looked like white oranges and when we smelled them they were sweet.  BUT when Mark tasted one, he spat and cursed that it was foul. A short while later, he complained his lips were numb, then his tongue, then his mouth and then his face. Luckily it stopped there and he started to recover.

Later, we came across some light rapids that were fun and easy. The next rapid was fun and a bit harder. The next one was a heaps steeper with larger drops. I went first and got stuck. Mark followed and rammed me nearly sending me over the drop, then he grabbed the front of my kayak then I started going over the edge backwards. Not going according to plan! Over I went and in a short time my kayak was stuck again and full with freezing water.

Later, on another rapid we went through lantana and of course avoiding the thorns lead to another water dousing and a broken paddle.
Next was the rain but luckily that was short lived.

We landed, complained and laughed at being soaked, cold and tired and then we planned tomorrow’s paddle.

Overall, the best kayak I’ve had yet – freezing water, soaked, broken paddle, and wet mobile – total FUN!

Distance 9.86 km
Time – 2h 13min
Av speed 4.5 km/h
Max speed 8.8kn/h

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