Thursday, July 7, 2011

CENTRAL COAST - Popran National Park – Mount Olive, Emerald Pool, Donovan’s Forest - HIKE - 5 July 2011

I set the GPS for Ironbark Road.  The road was labeled sealed and unsealed but the last 200 metres were 4w drive to national park car park.
The day was sunny but strong wind was predicted. The wind increased through the walk but it wasn’t a problem.

The planned walk entailed Mount Olive, Emerald pool and Donovan’s forest.

The walk started as a trail with a variety of wild flowers growing along the edges. The bottlebrushes were in full bloom in shades of red and yellow.
Turning off the trail, I followed the track to Mount Olive. It was an easy climb with a nice view over the national park.

Returning along the track, I followed the trail to the turnoff for Emerald Pool. This was fun track that ran beside a small creek that skirted to Hominy Creek. Hominy Creek had a flow of water running over sandstone. In parts it funneled, formed small pools or cascaded widely over the sandstone.

A track leads down 50 metres to Emerald Pool. It was a very pretty sight. The pool is a light green and deep. I thought about a swim but he water was icy cold. I sat down on a sunny slab of sandstone and enjoyed the serenity.

I backtracked a short distance, then followed the track to trail 248. At junction of the tracks I took the trail to the carpark via Donovan’s Forest. The forest in contrast with the surrounding area of open bush to a shaded forest that was floored with bracken fern that swayed in the breeze.

I continued along the trail to the carpark.


This walk would be better by cycling along the trails.

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