Thursday, January 27, 2011

CENTRAL COAST - Wyong River - upriver from woodburn bridge - kayak - 23 january 2010

Up early, not much surf so time for another kayak. i had thought about paddling the Wyong River for awhile and today seemed like a good day to have a go.

Much of the river up from the bridge is privately owned so there was no access that i could find.

At the bridge, there was a car gate that could be open  leading onto a flat grassy area with tables and toilets. I figured it was okay to go in and park due to the toilets.

There was a descent to the water under the bridge that was a little steep but manageable.

Once in the water and around the bend and out of sight and hearing of the bridge and its traffic, the magic starts... bell birds calling, insects buzzing, fish occassionally splashing and water dragons lazing on rocks and trees along the river bank. The natural beauty of the river and its sounds made for a great paddle.

Further along, it looked at one stage as though the river had come to a dead end but there was a narrow passage about a metre wide that continued for about twenty metres before widing out to a river again.

Throughout this paddle, there were a number of submerged trees and semi submerged trees that made for a good obstacle course. On a number of occassions , the trees virtually blocked passageway but with a bit of perservence, the obstacles were passed and the river opened up again.

Eventually, I ceased my journey where a double tree trunk blocked the river just above water level. Climbing the river embankment with the kayak was a plausable option to carry onwards but the day was getting hotter and I had been paddling for a good two hours anyway.

Overall, it was one of the most serene and fun kayaks, I've had in the area.

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