Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Eden - january 2011

We camped for a weeek just south of Eden.

The camp area hada white sandy beach in front of it with a small creek/lagoon emptying on the nortern end of the beach. A good beach for swimming but no waves. maybe on a very big swell.

Just north was Quarantine Bay. There were a lot of boats moored here. The fishermen cleaned their fish near the breakwall which attracted seals and heaps of sea birds. The seals put on a good show and it was free.

Further north was Eden. A quiet seaside fishing town nowhere as developed as pambula and merimbula to the north. The headland of the town had nice views over twofold bay. The wharf was fun for fishing and looking at the commercial fishing boats.

North of Eden is a stretch of coastling in the Ben Boyd National Park. There were a number of nice beaches and walks along the coast with a dirt road connecting the various spots such as the pinnacles, long beach and haycock point.

The Yowaka River flows into Pambula. I had a kayak up this river for a couple of kilometres.

Further north is Pambula, Pambula Beach nad Merimbula. Nice long beach and great views from the headland and wharf at merimbula.

A short distance south is the Nullica River. I kayaked a short distance but was turned back by the strong winds. Still a very pretty place.

Going south from Eden is the southern part of Ben Boyd National Park. There is a walk from Boyd's Tower to the lighthouse at Green Cape. This walk is abpout 10 hours. I did the walk from Boyd's Tower to Saltwater Creek which is about 4 1/2 hours. The coastline was very pretty with rocky bays with small sandy beaches and cliffs.

I had a surf at Saltwater Creek, one morning and it was a good and powerful wave.

Opposite the BB National Park is Mount Imay National Park. I walked to the top of Mount Imlay which was steep and uphill most of the way. The walk took about 3 hours. The summit had views across the forests and coastline.

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