Sunday, October 25, 2009

AUSTRALIA - Lawrence - 2008

Lawrence is located at the junction of Sportmans Creek and the Clarence River and offers fine fishing, canoeing and plentiful bird life. The village of Lawrence was originally established in 1856.

There is a colonial style local tavern which serves the tucker for lunch or dinner and a local general store.

There is a walking track along the river bank leading from Memorial Park to the lookout on High Street. The trip is one hour return and suitable for all ages. Memorial Park has BBQs, playgrounds, toilets and is a great spot for fishing and swimming.

Lawrence is home to the old 2NR radio transmitter building in Merton Street which has been converted into a museum that highlights fascinating items associated with the very early years in Australian radio broadcasting.

You can also visit the historic Church of England and Catholic churches both of which were built around the early 1900's.

In full operation is the free 24-hour vehicle ferry between Lawrence and Woodford Island. This is a great experience for anyone who has never experienced this mode of transport.

The entire area around Lawrence and Maclean is rich cane growing lands.

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