Monday, July 30, 2018


12 JULY 2018

We arrived at Balian, checked into our hotel (Gubug @ 450 000R) and had lunch at Deki's Warung.

The surf was onshore so we had a rest around the pool and in the afternoon a walk along the beach. Towards dusk, I had a surf. It was small with a few other surfers but fun.

Dinner was at Pitaya. We were both tired so we didn't eat much.

13 JULY 2018

I woke for a dawn surf that was already crowded. The waves were good but the crowd kept increasing.

I paddled in, had breakfast and paddled out for a second surf. The waves were okay but I surfed like crap. My hamstring injury had flared up and I couldn't get to my feet. I was a total menace in the water.

We had dinner at Telor. The food was great.

The injury was depressing me so I had a few beers to cheer me up.


Caught up with Damian and family - met them on previous trips.

Caught up with Jeff - long time stay visitor to Balian.

14 JULY 2018

I missed the dawn surf session as I was worried about being unpredictable in the waves again. I called my daughter later who gave me physio advice. I did my exercises, paddled out and all was good. Had about a dozen long overhead lefts. Feeling good.

A light lunch at Deki's and dinner at Tom's Garden.


Caught up with high school friend Rodney, who has been living and working in Bali for a number of years.

15 JULY 2018

The surf was big and got bigger as the day progressed. Paddled out and had fun but it was hard work with rogue sets and lots of water movement.

Coffee at Tom's Garden, lunch at Deki's and dinner at Telor.

It was an overcast day with some sunshine.


We met Noel from Los Angeles, Pat and Desaray from Victoria. At 45, Pat has the most amazing travel stories I've ever heard. he should write a book :)

16 JULY 2018

An easy early morning then a mid morning surf. The surf was still big, fun and bumpy. I got caught on the inside section after a wave and was pounded by the sets until I decided enough was enough and belly boarded in.

Later, in the afternoon Jacinta and I had a hike north over the cliffs, hills and beaches. Along the way, we met a few cows, saw awesome scenery and was barked at by numerous dogs.

I dropped into Ayu's Homestay and had a great travel chat with Giovanni from Denmark, WA.

17 JULY 2018

A totally blue sky in the morning.

Our daughter Kara had problems with her flight from Manado to Bali due to severe thunderstorms. We spent the morning sorting it out and now all is good.

I got a surf towards high tide. Nice waves. Had a few fun ones.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around the pool and chatting to people.

We finished the day with sunset drinks and dinner at Pitaya.

18 JULY 2018

An early morning walk along the beach. We crossed over two shallow rivers, crawled through a small cave and saw lots of dogs.

After breakfast, I had a fun overhead wave surf. There were only a few other surfers in the water.

We spent the afternoon around the pool chatting with Pat, Desaray, John, and Andrew.

A very quiet dinner at Tom's Garden.

19 JULY 2018

A big and messy surf today.

Walks and talks.

20 July 2018

The morning was bright and sunny. The surf was still big and messy. I took some clear sunrise shots and then my camera stopped working.

We spent the morning around the pool talking with Pat, Desiree and Andrew.

Nyoman's friend arrived at 1pm to take us to Legian. Bye for now Balian.

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