Saturday, February 14, 2015

CENTRAL COAST - BOUDDI - BOX HEAD - MTB - 12 february 2015 - 'VISAGE'

distance - 5,35km
elevation range - 78m

I followed the main service road out to Box Head and turned off to the right.

The road was steeper and bumpy. It was fun to go over with a bit of speed. The road ended in a track which unfortunately, was a pretty rutted and steep so I had to carry the bike for a bit.

The track improved and joined on to another track. i turned right towards Lobster Beach. This track was fun with some obstacles.

I retraced my path back to Tallows then followed the service road back to the car.

The views were so good - over the ocean on one side and Brisbane Water on the other.

I'll do this again but reverse the first turn to the right.

Heaps of fun!

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