Thursday, May 23, 2013

AUSTRALIA - MANLY - HIKE - 10th may 2013

I had to go done to Brookvale to have some repairs done to my van. I had about 6 hours to spare.

I caught a bus to North Steyne then I wandered along the promenade and the beach towards Manly. From there, I walked the coastal path to Shelly Beach. I continued up the hill and great views over Manly and beyond. The path ended in  a dirt track which I followed to a hole in a wall then through the hole to the intersection of some road.

Along the way there were great views, cliffs, a small wetland and WW11 gun battlements. It was a fun walking along the beach, sitting and people watching and scrambling over rocks to reach various summits.

The weather was perfect, I had a great walk and the van was fixed.

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