Friday, February 10, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Woy Woy Bay - KAYAK/HIKE - 8 february 2012

Drove to Woy Woy Bay and launched from park near the end of the point.

I paddled along following the jetties. A short distance after the jetties there were mangroves and hidden amongst the mangroves was a small creek. I paddled up the creek with a paddle At the end i walked around following the creek and the many cascades of water it produced. pretty!!!!

Back in the kayak, i paddled back along the creek and around the bend and came across more mangroves and another creek which was a bit wider and longer. Once again at the end, i followed the creek and it's cascades up the hill. Pretty!!!

The journey back was a bit harder as the wind had increased and i was paddling against it.

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