Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Thommos Loop, Kariong Falls, Old Quarry - HIKE/MTB - 15 february 2012

I parked the car at Staples Lookout.

I cycled down Woy Woy Road about 400m and on the right side of the road is a locked gate which is the entrance to Thommos Loop Trail. The trails is wide and easy to follow.

Eventually, there is a track turn off on the right ith a sign 'Girrakool'. This track passes Kariong Falls. The track can be ridden for part of the way but becomes too steep and rocky for a bike. It is easier to walk down to the flls and back.

The falls are very pretty an cascade down to a small pool. The vegetation is very lush.
The walk back up is steep.

Once reaching the bike, I continued riding along the trail and turned left into the quarry.

The quarry is rocky and andy with pools of water. A lot of fun to cycle around.

I turned out of the quarry and continued on the trail towards Woy Woy Road. It is a steep cycle along the road to Staples Lookout.

A good cycle with two interesting visiting spots.

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