Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Mooney Mooney Creek - kayak - 18 August 2010

It was a bit of a late start for a kayak but he weather was warm anmd sunny. I drove down the old pacicfic highway and turn off on a dirt road just pass a small bridge over Mooney Mooney Creek.

The first and most imposing sight was the Mooney Mooney Bridge. From the bottom it looks a little fragile forall thetraffic that it takes. After the bridge it is mostly natural bushland with one side being the Brisbane Waters National Park.

There wasn't much birdlife except for one eagle which flew low down a straight stretch of the creek. Most of the trip was quiet of bush sounds.

There were a few smaller creeks  branching off along the journey.

The end of the navigational part of the creek ended in numerous rocks. 
The journey took about 3 hours. A point to note is that the trip is best to do going on high tide and returning at the turning of the tide. The higher water allows one to paddle further.  

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