Saturday, August 28, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Old Gosford Quarry - MTB - 27 August 2010

The old Gosford Quarry is a strange and desolate place.

There are tiered layers of sandstone with wide ramps connecting the various levels.

In some spots, there are large pools of bright blue water. Can life live in them? Some plants were close to the waters edge and certain species of frogs thrive in contaminated sites. Well, i don't know if the water is contaminated but it is the colour of glacial lakes and volcanic lakes. Anyway, i wouldn't want to touch it!

Give it X amount of years and vegetation will reclaim. There are plants clinging on in patches where some soil resides.

Overall, the desolate feel isn't so bad. Deserts can look desolate also but trying telling a Bedouin that it's a bad thing.

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