Friday, August 27, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Staples Lookout to Mount Wondabyne - HIKE - 27 August 2010

The begiinning of the journey is along a service trail, which isn't too much fun. Most service trails aren't fun, I think, but there are a lot of flowers along the road rims.

Eventually, there is a turn off the trail along a track through bush and sandstone rock platforms. This part of the trail is excellent with great views towards Mount Wondabyne.

The track reaches another service road and after a short walk there is a turn off to another track. This track passes close to the summit of Mount Wondabyne. Near the top of the track is a turn off towards the summit. This involves following a track and some rock scrambling.  Heaps of fun.

The view at the top is excellent. There is a 360 degree view at the summit which is pretty awesome. The view is certainly worth the time and effort.

Retracing the summit track then continue along the main track to another service road that passes Old Gosford Quarry and joins onto Woy Woy Road.

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