Thursday, October 29, 2015


The car ride from Kuta to Balian was just over 2 hours at 400 000R.

We pulled into Gubug Bungalows which we booked through We were a bit early so we waited an hour for the rooms to be vacated and cleaned. All settled and happy.

The new infinity pool was cool in temperature and appearance. The rooms were good but Kara's shower didn't work properly and despite numerous attempts to have it fixed, it was defected the whole stay. Avoid room 2. Later, she changed to room 4 and that had shower issues as well. Anyway our room was great.

The room's verandah looked out across the gardens, pool and the Balian surf break. Nice to sit, eat cheese and biscuits with a JD and coke.

Breakfast was plentiful and tasty.

So in a nutshell, I surfed, hiked, rode motorbike, ate and slept. Jacinta and Kara sat by the pool, swam, got ridden on a motorbike, ate and slept. Everyone was happy and this trend continued for the next two weeks.

The surf . I had good waves everyday surfing one, two, and even three times a day but one for the two weeks from shoulder height to double overhead waves. Heaps of waves and so much fun!

People - we met lots of people and caught up on some old friends. It is a good place to meet people most of them were nice and normal and some were very different. One guy had exactly the same conversation (dialogue) with me on the three times I spoke with him.

Catching up with friends was great - Mark, Jeff and Marty are nice guys and local people like Ayu were very warm to see me. I wouldn't call it home but I feel very comfortable there.

One morning, I went for a hike north when the tide was super low and the waves very small. I managed to go through three caves and follow the coast line without one incident.

On another day, I drove the bike around looking for fun things to do. I drove along two beaches, a number of coconut groves and some very rough tracks. FUN :)

Twice, I drove to Medewi. The first time the surf was good at head height with only two other guys out. Heaps and heaps of waves. The second time, the waves were very good but it was crowded. Still, there were heaps of waves and some obstacles to maneuver (people) around.


We all left Balian happy and I was surf exhausted and needed a rest. Nice way to be!

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