Friday, April 17, 2015


Point Plomer - 12 April 2015
The drive up was about 5 hours with a short stop for breakfast and petrol.
On arrival at Crescent Head I was greeted by masses of cars and about 200 plus surfers in the water. I looked for a while. Some waves were okay.

I drove down the back roads of Crescent. The prospects weren't looking good - small surf, mono sand banks but the  water was clean and sparkling.
I booked into Point Plomer $20 per night with cold showers. I had a small but fun surf at Point Plomer with heaps of grommets.
Later, I had a bike ride around the headland, which was short but gave a good view of the two beaches between Plomer and Queens Head. Continuing on the ride, I cycled to the car park at Queens Head and climbed the hill. It was a great view along the coastline both north and south.
distance - 5.52 km
elevation range - 21 m
A swim on the beach at Plomer then another bike ride along Plomer Beach towards the cliffs in the north. It was a good ride  but a bit hard on the way back with the wind against me.
distance - 7.06 km
Dinner and sleep!.

Point Plomer - 13 april 2015
Up at sunrise with a walk to the top of the headland at Plomer..
I drove down the road and had a small but fun surf mid way on plomer beach. I met a guy from Belligen Tyon. We had a good time sharing a right hand bank between the two of us.
I drove to Big Hill and discovered that the waterway was private and access was prohited. I checked out two possible cycle hike tracks but they were overgrown.
Back at Big Hill I did the hike around Big Hill. . Good views at the end and heaps of mosquitoes in the rainforesty type area.
distance - 0.77 km
elevation range - 48 m
The wind had increased so hopefiully there will be a swell increase :)

Point Plomer and Lake Cathie - 14 April 2015
Last day :)
The swell had increased and there were good waves on the point at Plomer and no one out. I paddled out and had about three waves. Soon there was about 40 out. Waves were good but there were too many people in the way.
I checked the other back beaches after breakfast. The tide was getting too low for the beaches to handle the swell so I headed down the coast to Lake Cathie.
I had a kayak in the lake starting near the coastal bridge and paddling around the sandbanks to the entrance bridge to Lake Cathie. The tide was too low and the water was gushing out of the narrow waterway under the bridge over barnacled rocks.  I portaged the kayak over the road and into the lake. It was a nice paddle with pristine vegetation and a number of birds and very shallow water.
distance - 3.89 km
Time for the drive back home.

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