Saturday, November 29, 2014


A beautiful, morning with a hint of a wind.

I drove to The Entrance North and parked in the car park just after the bridge.

There was no wind, the water was reflecting mirror images and a number of birds lined the channel which was opposite Teribah Island.

While getting ready to launch a couple of pelicans stood on the edge of the shoreline and preened themselves. Shortly, a number of starlings appeared and hopped across the grass with their heads darting quickly in various directions while pecking at the ground for food.

I launched the kayak in glassy conditions. I caused a wake with the kayak just to watch the ripples. I paddled across the channel to Teribah Island and followed the shoreline to circumnavigate the island.

The paddling was fun as the water became very shallow due to the outgoing tide. I sat close to the front of the kayak to lift the back so I could paddle over shallow sections. Just near the end of the ride the water became too shallow and I was forced to abandon ship and wade through the shallows until I reached deeper water.

The birds were out and about in large numbers. I counted at least seven different species of birds.

Cormorants were in flight, roosting on trees and boating signs drying their feathers or diving under the water foraging for food. Stilts were standing on one legged watching the world. Black Swans flowed regally over the water in large groups. Spotted Doves sat in the trees looking like they were trying to make a decision to where they would go next. Ibises preened themselves amongst the pelicans. Dollarbirds roosted in the trees just watching - they have such pretty, shiny, subtle colours.

A great kayak of 2.22 km!

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