Monday, December 9, 2013

CENTRAL COAST - WYEE CREEK - KAYAK - 9 december 2013

I parked at Ruttleys Road on a dirt turn off before Mannering Point Island. The road wasn't very good but it was a good launch spot.

 At first there were a number of small inlets to explore amongst the mangroves. At two nearby locations there were large drain pipes that lead from Lake Macquarie under Ruttleys Road. One group of pipes lead to Mannering bay and the other to Wyee Creek. I played in the pipes for awhile. It was exciting travelling along them.

I eventually spewed myself out at Wyee Creek and followed it. It was very quiet and pretty.

After a time, I came across the 'Enchanted Forest'. This was a sort of lake with a large number of dead trees. The leafless trees created a magical world at water level and tree top level.

I continued paddling onwards up Wyee Creek till I was blocked by a large number of fallen logs.

The paddled was fun! I sighted lizards, birds and eagles.

distance - 9.6km
time - 2:18
av speed - 4.2 km/h
max speed - 12.8 km/h

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