Friday, December 13, 2013

AUSTRALIA - AWABA SF - MTB - 13 december 2013

I spoke to a friend - Simon - yesterday about Awaba. He said it was great so off I went.

Parking is at Mount Faulk road and Jenkins Road. I parked near the front entry as the road didn't look very good for the van.

The ride was excellent (followed blue track)... road, easy to follow tracks, narrow and fun track, some very hard sections and some sections too hard for me and different vegetation.

The day was hot and the humidity was high. After a short while, I was soaked with perspiration.

I finished the ride and spent an hour and a half waiting for a tow from the NRMA as my parking spot was on sand. it looked good when I parked...someone must have changed it!

distance - 7.99 km
time - 48 minutes
av speed - 9.8 km/h
max speed - 25 km/h

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