Wednesday, October 2, 2013

INDONESIA - BALI - KUTA - 28 July to 12 September 2013

This trip was very different. Most things didn’t seem to go to plan. I found myself going from one place to another and not quite sure if that was where I wanted to be.

I travelled from Kalimantan to West Timor, seemingly going from one disaster to another. So here’s the story…

I put Kuta last in this blog series on Indo even though I started in Kuta as I went back a number of times and finished in Kuta...

 Bali - 28 July to 30 July

I started in Bali. I usually meet up with Nyoman. He drives me around and gives me advice on where I’m thinking of going on this trip. He wasn’t at the airport so I caught a taxi.
I stayed in Kuta at Hotel Lusa for two nights. I went to nightclubs that night – met Steve who works at mines in WA and listened to good music.
The following day I booked a flight with Ruri - A travel agent just down the street from Hotel Lusa- to Balikpapan in Kalimantan  via Surabaya with Lion/Wings – 1 020 000R – 10:30 to 14:10. I booked the Ibis hotel in Balikpapan for 500 000R per night. I cashed a lot of dollars for rupiah for a number of reasons – 1 I like to have cash and didn’t know how long I was going to be in Kalimantan. 2 banks were going to close or trade at reduce rates because of the end of Ramadan.
Had great massage opposite Hotel Lusa with Ayu 50 000R. Talked with Shanti in Hotel Lusa who told me her ‘sad’ story (I heard a lot of sad stories this trip all with the same ending of giving them money) which was basically, she wanted me to give her 2 000 000R for her kid’s school. She owned a new motor bike and had a blackberry in her hand. Hard life! She told me that a number of guys from Europe and Australia sent her money every month to ‘help’ her. I explained I worked for my money and I just don’t give it away. Smile ended! Am I becoming cynical, hard or apa pun?
Went to the clubs again… good music. Had lots of hellos and want ‘massage’ on the way home from the darkened shadows and crevices of buildings. A motor bike pulled up behind in a quiet dark part of the street… here comes to robbery… luckily, a group of people came around the corner and away he/she went.

In the morning, I couldn’t open the safe, which was a big problem as I was flying out that day and they couldn’t open it to the afternoon. Luckily, the owner came especially and my problem was solved.
I put my bag and boards in storage and caught a taxi to Domestic airport 50 000R. I definitely need a new small bag for lighter travel Domestic departure tax 40 000. Met Ed, who had worked in Balikpapan for 5 years.

Kuta – 6 august to 8 august
Nyoman was there to meet me at the domestic airport in Bali. We checked out a hotel he had heard about but it was too far along a narrow unlit lane so I settled for the Kumala Indah I. It had an air con new room for 170 000R. A friend from home Michael was staying there. I also met Sid and Yafit who were friends of Michael.
Michael and I motor biked it to somewhere to eat. We were supposed to meet with Sid but it didn’t happen.
The next morning, I spent the day checking out flights, eating, massage and hanging around the beach.
Later that night I did the clubs at Kuta. I had a great night at the Expresso Bar sitting at the back and listening to good music and drinking beer for 20 000R a bottle.
The next morning, I just had to go. Balian seemed closest and relaxing. Yafit shared the car and off I went to Balian 400 000R.

Kuta 13 august to 16 august
Settled into the Kumala Indah I hotel. Nyoman hung with me most o the day while we did things around Kuta. I went to the BMCI clinic to check up on the fever in Balian. A blood test was negative so I was right to move on to other parts of Indo.
I went to dinner that night at the warung Indonesia. It took a long time to get there as I kept having chats with all sorts of interesting people. Made, an Australian, was so funny and he had heaps and heaps of stories to tell. We had a few beers. I ran into made two more times that night at different places.
I arrived at the Warung Indonesia just as Fransi, Steven and Yafit were walking out. We end up having a big night out drinking, dancing and singing. It was so much fun!!!. It was also so great going out and not having to watch up back all night.
I wandered around –m cashed money for Rote, massage, pulsa and checked again on flights.
I did the beach 'have a beer scene' and enjoyed it.
Later, I went to Kuta clubs and Bali Bobs (ladyboys club), it was really good fun and relaxing.
The next day, I decided to go to rote. I organised flight 3 200 000R returns to Kupang with Garuda at 11:05am; booked accommodation in Kupang at hotel on the Rocks and Rote with Lualembar Homestay; organised pick up and fast book drop in Kupang with Joshua; and finally booked a car pick up in Ba’a, Rote to Nemberala. Too easy!
Clubbed it at Kuta again! Always good music!
Off to West Timor day – I put gear in storage and caught a taxi to domestic 100 000R. No domestic tax as I was flying with Garuda 30kg bag allowance. Great for surfboards.

Kuta 1 September to 12 September

I got to Bali from Kupang and checked into the Grand Kumala and taxied it to the clinic. On arrival they hospitalised me for the next four days. They were concerned that I bleed from the brain or go into shock/coma as my blood pressure was erratic and very low.
A friend, Michael arrived in Bali and visited me and got some things from the hotel for me. The hotel had put my gear in storage. Nyoman visited. An a few days later my wife arrived from Australia.
Eventually, I was out of hospital and was moving around slowly. Lost heaps of weight.
We spent time around the hotel pool and in the afternoons went down the beach. Jacinta had a few beers and I watched.
I started feeling more mobile. We went to a Beatles night that was excellent and danced my head off.  Sat at the cocoon and drank cocktails. Ate a number of restaurants. Went to Kuta nightclubs one night but Jacinta thought the music too loud. Fine to me but then again I am half deaf.
We shopped and I bought a ‘my wife is awesome’ T-shirt and wore it around the hotel and Kuta. I copped heaps from guys but true is true.
Back in Australia and it took another two weeks before my energy levels were back to normal.

Retrospect Kuta

1.       Fun place to go out at night

2.       Watch your back when you go out at night.

3.       Avoid dark quiet areas at night.

4.       Getting sick is not fun

5.       Heaps of great eats

6.       Sunset beer the best

7.       The stories told to me were varied, amazing and some were just bullsxxt

8.       Beware the smiles and stories as it leads to ‘why you should give me money’. It’s okay to say ‘no’ and not feel bad after all did you work hard for your money.

9.       Easy to be critical of the bullsxxt but then again everyone wants a better life.

10.   My wife is awesome. 






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