Tuesday, October 1, 2013

INDONESIA - BALI - BALIAN - 8 to 13 August 2013

Arrived Balian so keen to get into waves but arrived to blown out surf and settled into Ayu’s in the upstairs room. Such a great view 150 000R. … Ah well time for a chit chat.
The next day had waves with a 3 hour surf, then 1 ½ hour surf then a 1 hour surf. All good!
A walk to the south of Balian.

Met Chad, Steve and a heap of other people that I forgot the names. All nice people. End up having a few beers that night.

Woke up feeling seedy. Once settled I had a 1 ½ hour good surf, then chatted, videoed and rested. Went for another surf. Had a good time but got feeling temperature as rising! The walk up the hill was so hard! I got water and went to my room and laid down. I didn’t move till the following day as I had high temp, aches everywhere, gut pains, glands aching and a heavy head. I just drank water and waited.
I woke feeling bad but not as bad!  By lunch, I was still aching but good enough for a surf.
Sat around the pool at Pitaiya and chatted with Karen with 2 kids who works at Canggu.
In the afternoon, I caught up with Chad, Panana girl, another guy and drank rum. Later, I was drinking with Steven and Fransi. Later, we went to the beach warung but I’d hit the wall and wanted to sleep.

The next day was ‘story day’ from the night before at the warung on the beach:

1.       Oz guys knocking on room doors late at night because they couldn’t find their keys. Then wanted fight the people in the room.

2.       Girl nearly fell off concrete steps.

3.       Guy slept on beach…thought he’d drowned but turned up later.

4.       A mate’s friend returned home late, knocked on his door then threw up.

5.       Girl dancing at warung threw up and was carried home.

Sort of glad, I went home when I did.
Did a walk along the coast to the north of Balian.

The next day it was time to leave. Nyoman picked me up and off I went to Kuta and check up on the fever – still had some aches in the glands.

Retrospect Balian

1.       Met some really nice people – Michael who is married to a local girl. Great stories to e told; Chad and Steve; Fransi and Yafit; Panama and indo girl; couple – Danish and Brazil; Ziggy; Karen; and a heap of others whose name I can’t remember but I never forget a face.

2.       This trip in Balian was a mixed social, surfing, and sick trip… always different.

3.       Ayu’s was great as usual.

4.       Never get tired of the Balian walks – always something has changed/adapted.

5.       Locals are so friendly!


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