Saturday, March 13, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Somersby Falls - HIKE - 12 March 2010

I didn't walk an particular distance. I spent time wandering around the various levels of the Somersby Falls. it is very relaxing and tranquil.

I met a group of rangers working on the track to one of the falls levels. They told me a lot of information regarding some of the tracks around the Central Coast:

At Somersby Falls

1. A steep track a little north on the western junction of Flood Creek and Moonie Creek via a ridge and through private property and back roughly to Somersby Falls.

2. A sort of track leads from Somersby Falls following the banks of Flood Creek down the Moonie Creek. It involves crisscrossing the creek. At Moonie Creek stay on the east side until a suitable crossing at Moonie Creek to get to the western side and the Great North Walk back to Somersby Falls. Alternatively, follow the ridge track as in 1.

3. Near the toilets at Somersby Falls, there is an old track leading to the where the sign says 'no more tracks from this point' at the lower level of Somersby Falls. They didn't know when the track was made (they guessed during the depression as they are hewn steps) and in spots it had been washed away.

At Iron Ladder beach

4. The track from Iron Ladder Beach only goes part of the way as it was made by fisherman years ago to get a vantage point over the water to direct boats to the fish.

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