Saturday, March 6, 2010

CENTRAL COAST - Brisbane Water NP - Girrakool - Piles Creek Loop - HIKE - 5 March 2010


This walk took an easy 4 hours.

The walk starts at Girrakool picnic area. $7 is needed for day parking in coins.

I followed the Piles Creek Loop. It starts with views over the waterfall at Girrakool, then traverses the gorge along piles creek. The track is high above the creek but below the rocky cliffs at the top of the gorge. There is water dripping down the cliff face resulting in wet vegetation. lizards and leeches. Beware of spiders casting their webs across the path.

Eventually, there is a suspension bridge crossing Piles Creek. This is a good resting area with a large pool of water as well as flat areas for camping. There are large fish in the creek at this point plus the remains of the old bridge.

After crossing the bridge, there is a short steep climb towards the ridge of the gorge. Once again the track follows high above the gorge but below the ridge line. There are a number of sheltering overhanging caves along the way. The track eventually reaches the top of the ridge becoming a flat and easy walk. At a few points there are large rocks to climb which have an expansive view over the gorge and bush.

The track reunites with Girrakool above the waterfall.

I brought swimmers for a swim but couldn't find a decent track to the water below thee waterfall. It was very humid so a swim would have been enjoyable.

spray legs and shoes for leeches
take water and a light snack
$7 coins for day parking
beware of spider webs especially if are the only car in the car park

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