Sunday, December 13, 2009

Europe and Morocco - 1979

Travelled for year in Europe and Morocco. Not many photos as they were stolen towards the end of the trip.

Flew from Australia to Rome. Wandered around for a few days visiting sites.

Flew to Agadir in Morocco. Spend about a month in Tarazut in fishing hut surfing. Then travelled around Morocco for a month seeing deserts, towns, gorges and mountains.

Ferry to Cadis in Spain then travelled through Spain for a month visiting lots of towns and cities.

Stopped at Laborde france for about 8 weeks. relaxing, surfing and having a good time.

Continued through France to England and caught up with friends and had a great time.

Next was Den Haag, Holland, catching up with friends and having a good time.

Across West Germany then to Berlin. A great fun city. Train to Poland and wandering around the country.

Ferry to Sweden then following the west coast to Norway.

Returning from Norway due to snow through Sweden, Denmark, West Germany and visiting friends again in Holland.

Down to Biarittz for a month staying in a studio near the beach, surfing.

Trains and ferry to Marrakech, Morocco then bus over to Agadir and surfing for a month or so.

Got a lift to the Belgium border then more lifts to Den Haag before flyong to Australia.

Great trip which was a blur of culture, fun, friendships and parties.

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