Sunday, December 20, 2009

CENTRAL COAST - Bateau Bay to Crackneck - HIKE - 20 december 2009

Cloudy and cool temperature day. Good for a walk.

Parked at south end of Bateau Bay. Walk down the ramp or stairs and on to the beach. The bay is partially sheltered and good for a swim though it is unpatrolled.

Walking south there is a large shore platform from the edge of the beach to Crackneck Point. Along the way there are shallow pools of water and even mangroves at one spot. The cliff background is densely vegetated with native and weed growth.

Birdlife varied with crows, seagulls and other sea birds. Molluscs clump in species groups along the surface of the rock platform and mix together in the watery crevices.
There are floaters of iron oxide amongst the sandstone which shows the development of pools in various stages. This has developed into interesting formations of sandstone similiar to a maze at the northern end of the rock shelf.

grade: easy, flat

warnings: best 3 hours either side of low tide, rock platform is very slippery in parts.

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