Thursday, January 30, 2014

AUSTRALIA - VICORIA - ALPINE NP AREA - 'mount beauty, bogong, falls creek, raspberry camp' - 3 to 5 January 2014

3rd January 2014 Friday

We drove to Mount Beauty and camped at Caravan Park – $30pn. After resting, we peddled around the ‘pondage’. It was nice with a few caged bridges.

4th January 2014 Saturday

We parked at the Mount Beauty Mountain Bike trailhead carpark for the ‘Gorge Walk’. The walk started along a service road then developed into a track which crossed a river via a suspension bridge. The track followed the valley which became narrower as we progressed. Finally the track descended next to the river and we continued over the river bed rocks. We stopped and I had a swim in a large river hole. The water was ‘refreshing’. The scenery was very pretty.
distance - 3.4 km
time - 57 mins
av. speed - 3.6 km/h
elevation range - 40 m

We drove onwards and stopped at Lake Guy in Bogong. I had a kayak around the lake. The lake was created by a dam which was surrounded by high wooded mountains. Another pretty location.
distance - 1.8 km
time - 28 mins
av. speed - 3.8 km/h

We drove to Falls Creek and passed lake … which had an icy cold strong wind skirting its surface. Not very inviting! We continued onwards and camped at Raspberry Hill camp site. It was cold and we organised a fire and met Ron, who had been camped there for a week. We had a good night chatting and sharing stories.

5th January 2014 Sunday

I stated the day with a bike ride along the track from Langford Gap to Langford West. It was very windy but the scenery of mountain tops and valleys made for an excellent ride. Jacinta picked me up at the end of the ride.
distance - 8 km
time - 35 mins
av. speed - 12.4 km/h
max speed - 32.3 km/h
elevation range - 27 m

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