Thursday, September 22, 2011

CENTRAL COAST - Ourimbah Creek - car bogged - 16 September 2011

I was off for a kayak.

I studied the map to find a launch spot for Ourimbah Creek. It seemed to me that I found a good spot off Fleet Close. So off I went.

The dirt road was very deeply rutted but staying on the higher parts of the worries. I went quite a distance and was getting a little to confident. There was one more steep section to drive and I'd be close enough to the creek. Well, I should have checked. I went over the crest then 'Bam', the base of the car was sitting on the crest with no traction for the wheels.

I tried to dig and put some supports under the tyres but it was no use. A call to the NRMA and one hour later I was out. The rescuer informed me I was in an informal bike track. Godd judgement on my part.

Then I picked a better spot to park and launch the kayak.

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