Thursday, February 24, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Crescent Head - SOD reunion - february 2011

We recently had a reunion of the guys i was first surfing with at Bondi at Crescent Head. This year only a few of us could make it but we still had a good time.

day 1 - i got there late due to last minute problems but just in time for a pub meal and a few beers. later, we continued with more beers.

day 2 - waking up refreshed and ready to wave it, we headed along the back beaches of crescent. at delicate nobby the waves were fun and protected from the NE wind. After the surf we continued on checking the other places. We had made a good surf choice.

After our journey we headed back for lunch and beers. Dick headed back home.

By the late afternoon we were ready to try some different type of videoing which kept us all amused.

In the evening we went down to the bowling club and ate and had a few beers. after that, we drove back home for a few more beers.

Day 3 - Paul headed home early while we headed north for some waves. we seemed to get a bit lost at hungry head which was a hard thing to do. the wildlife was everywhere and roads and paths lead to bridges, headlands, camp areas. eventually, one lead to a protected beach where we had good waves on the right shore break but no images of waves.

After the surf, we came across a sex scene ...On my board!

On the way back, we stopped at the gladstone hotel for lunch and a few beers. back home, we continued drinking through the afternoon but stopped in the evening to have a meal and a few beers at the pub.

day 4 - i dropped Robbo at Dicks and drove home and beacon drove home to a house full of relatives.

Overall. a great time... good surf, good wildlife, good drinking, good friends. it doesn't get any better.

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